Why I Can’t Have An iPhone

Jun 13, 2008

I just felt it—the collective gasp of MAC and iphone users. I understand that the title of this post will cause some of you to question whether or not I seriously love Jesus; after all, if He were here today then He would have a Mac and iphone, right?

Don’t get me wrong…several of my friends have iphones and swear that they are the best thing to come along since sliced bread. I’ve seen the handy little features on them. I love how simple they are to use. In fact, I would go as far to say that they are probably the best phone out on the market. (And the new ones coming out look INCREDIBLE!)

But…saying all of that…I can’t get one. It’s not an affordability issue, especially since the price has been cut I think I could manage the purchase of one. It’s not a technical issue, as I’ve already stated I think that it is the best phone out there. It’s not that I don’t want one…I DO!!!

Then why am I not getting one? The answer is simple…

In order to get an iphone you have to have service through AT&T. Hold on…I have NOTHING against AT&T (except for the fact that I believe they made a stupid marketing move a while back when they dropped the cingular brand…but that’s a different story.) I would go as far to say that all of my buddies who have an iphone often brag about AT&T’s service…

EXCEPT for this one small issue…for some reason…AT&T’s service does not work on the hall that my office is located. Seriously, all the guys who have iphones (or another phone with AT&T) have to stand by their window just to get reception. And when they are in my office the phone, despite all of its coolness, simply will not work because a call can not make it through.

I have sent text messages to guys in their offices…they don’t receive them (until four hours later!) I have placed calls that go straight to voice mail. It’s quite funny…despite that several people have the coolest phone on the market…it is mostly useless in the area in which they spend the majority of their time.

(Hey guys…smile…you know I love you! And…uh…really, I’m not jealous…I laugh at you each time I walk by and you are standing at your window!) :-)

Isn’t that ironic…the most incredible phone invented to date is useless in certain areas because it can’t get reception. (Hmmmm…is ministry like that sometimes? The most awesome and incredible church/ministry in the world will ultimately because useless if not receiving constant reception and direction from God. Just a thought…)

So…IF AT&T ever somehow fixes the reception problem around here…I will be the FIRST person in line to purchase an iphone. Seriously—that’s all it will take. But for now I will use the phone that I have…the one that is usable wherever I go.

Hey MAC lovers—don’t hate me! :-)