Google Searches At

Jul 12, 2007

Tony inspired me with this post...and so I asked him to do a search to see what google terms people have used to wind up at my site—the results were outstanding…I thought I would share a few…

  • “Veggie burgers” - I am NOT a vegan! I had veggie burgers one time and they were good—but there is nothing like a good dead cow!
  • “Fat Christians” - Now I don’t think I am one of these—I used to be.
  • “College football poems” - Roses are red, violets are blue; some poems rhyme, this one don’t!
  • “Mistakes pastors make” - this one did not surprise me…I’ve made plenty!!!
  • “A creative thing to write in the yearbook of the guy you like but you want to hint that you like him but you don’t want him to find out” - ok, what the crap is this? Where do these people come from?
  • “Men pink shirts” - I do wear pink shirts and I am proud of it!
  • “Really ugly church wedding” - uh, once again I am confused!
  • “Churches stealing church members” - because we do this! Seriously, we have a team that goes out on Sunday’s and brings ‘em back! Every church should have this ministry.
  • “Red hot dude” - now this one is no surprise at all!!! This simply proves how confusing the internet is—how someone could type that in and wind up at the site of a guy that looks like a wookie is beyond me!
  • “My mom packs my lunch” - Oh…oh…make sure she puts a starcrunch in there—those were my favorite!
  • “Things not to say to your pregnant wife” - I actually think it’s funny that someone would google this, that means that somewhere out there a guy is in the doghouse, wanting to know how to get back in good favor.
  • “Is a Starbucks coming to Anderson, SC” - I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WANTING THIS!!! Hey Starbucks, for the love—what the heck is your problem!!! A-town is rockin’—you are missing out!

There—that was fun!