About Perry

I am BLOWN AWAY that Jesus has blessed me with so much. Today I have more of a passion for Jesus, my daughter and the Church than I’ve ever had before! And that passion is growing daily! I share my passion about Jesus and I LOVE getting to see lives change because of what HE is doing. People taking their next steps in their walk with Jesus FIRES ME UP!!! Some people say I’m too enthusiastic, but I believe that THE TOMB IS EMPTY AND THAT IS SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE ALL THE TIME!!! #HeAintInThere

Here on my blog, I write openly and candidly (which if you already know me, you know I don't hold anything back) about my thoughts on LEADERSHIP, CHURCH, MINISTRY, FAMILY, RELATIONSHIPS and CURRENT EVENTS.

I love learning about Jesus, spending quality time with my little girl, Charisse, preaching at Churches across the world, traveling (my favorite place is Israel!!), writing books and blog posts, meeting other pastors and leaders from around the world and hearing how Jesus is moving in their churches, Clemson Football (go Tigers!), reading, sharing my heart and speaking at conferences and events, a good plate of barbecue with an ice cold glass of sweet tea and cupcakes!

I love staying up-to-date with things on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You're always welcome to drop me a line anytime. I would love to hear from you!