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I’ve had the awesome privilege of getting to share some of my life lessons in book form. I didn’t know it when I got started, but writing books can be scary! You’re sharing embarrassing stories and mistakes along with life lessons and hardships in order for other people to learn about what God taught you! But here’s what I’ve come to know—people will learn far more from your weaknesses and struggles than they will learn from your strengths. So as long as I’m able, I hope to write more books.

I Can Win With Weight

A 90-Day guide to loosing weight and feeling great!

In my book “I Can Win With Weight” I was able to share about my struggle with weight, and how I discovered the right combination of eating, exercising, and caring for my health that led me to lose weight AND keep it off! The good news is I believe YOU can also win with weight and begin feeling great again! That’s why I wrote this book - to help YOU win with weight!

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The Most Excellent Way To Lead

Discover the Heart of Great Leadership

Do you want to be the best leader YOU can be?

If you’re like me, it’s hard to know where to start. With so much leadership advice out there, it can be overwhelming. We want to be better leaders because we know our people deserve our very best. And ultimately, when we’re giving our best our teams will give their best.

I’m STILL learning to lead the best that I can. In my new book, The Most Excellent Way to Lead, I walk through a leadership chapter from the Bible that describe the 15 qualities of an excellent leader.

In reading this book you’ll learn how to be the kind of leader that others want to follow, inspire those around you, and lead in the most excellent way.

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Winning the war against worry

In my book “Overwhelmed - Winning the War Against Worry” I was able to share about my struggle with stress, anxiety and depression and what the Lord taught me THROUGH those times. After I came out of my depression, I wanted to tell people my story and provide some practical advice for what got me through it so that other people might avoid feeling so overwhelmed.

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Stop it. Stop living a boring, predictable, normal life ...break free!

I wrote about how Jesus wants us to live a life of abundance in my book “Unleash! Breaking Free From Normalcy”. For years I wrestled with the question so many of us ask ourselves “Is there more to life than this?”. Maybe you have struggled like I have with getting stuck in the performance trap of being a Christian and it wears you out! Or maybe you have FOMO disorder (fear of missing out...I didn’t know that term either until way later). Writing Unleash! was a chance for me to share how the Lord taught me how I can have a life with purpose and how Jesus wants to bless us with immeasurably more than all we can hope or imagine!

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