Some Links To Check Out…

Aug 10, 2007

Here are a few things that I have seen/read/found interesting…maybe you will as well…

  • Tony announced here that we are looking for college students who may be seeking internship opportunities here at NewSpring.  Oh yeah—it is a PAID internship!  :-)
  • Tim had this post on his blog about “mature” Christians becoming too dependent upon the church for their personal spiritual development and I CAN’T STOP READING IT.  WOW!
  • Mark reposted his Lion Chasers Manifesto here...and it pumps me up every time I read it.  (By the way…you should REALLY read his book!)
  • Steven had two great posts…this one which is so true…and this one which PUMPED me up.  I would add that when God is involved in the church—it grows!  Like Acts 2—3,000 in ONE DAY!!!  DANG!
  • Jake, the dude over pastoral care and outreach, has hit the blogging world—here is his site.  (You may remember him from this post on my blog—it still cracks me up!)

Two more things…

If you do the podcast thing then you have GOT to listen to the Bill Hybels series on “Just Walk Across The Room.”  Some of THE BEST teaching EVER on Evangelism!

Driscoll is back…and his latest message out of Nehemiah on the church being a movement and not a museum is AWESOME.