Thurday Night Couch Thoughts!

Aug 30, 2007

Here are some things running through my mind tonight…

  • Tony’s post about criticism being a good thing made me smile.
  • College football is ON this weekend; in fact, it is on right now! I don’t really care about LSU or Mississippi State—but LSU does have a 5’ 5” 160 pound running back that can FLY!!!
  • Charisse literally projectile poo poo’d on ‘Cretia THREE TIMES yesterday! It was amazing! AND…‘Cretia laughed all three times…my wife is awesome!
  • THIS IS NOT a political endorsement…so I don’t want to hear it! I’ve always heard God and politics do not mix—apparently someone forgot to tell Mike Huckabee in a Republican debate. I do not know this guy personally—but this is one of the most SOLID answers I have ever seen a politician give—DANG! Check out the video here!
  • Ken had a post here that made me laugh and think about his son actually swallowing a screw! Please pray for Gardner…Ken informed me this evening that the screw has not been passed and surgery is a possibility.
  • I HATE CATS! Yes, even yours—please don’t send me a stupid e-mail about how I would love your cat—I wouldn’t! BUT…Ken had yet another post that, even though I am not a cat lover it made me laugh out loud—check it out—SERIOUSLY!
  • This coming Sunday we wrap up the Illuminate series at NewSpring. I hate to see this one end—what we have seen the Lord do has been incredible…but it’s not over!!! I think Sunday could be a day that quite a few people will ALWAYS remember!
  • Thanks to everyone for all of the prayers and encouragement this week! I had something happen to me this week that I NEVER in a million years thought would EVER take place…I can’t believe it! I will be sharing more in the coming months!
  • NEXT Sunday we are beginning a new series called “Gametime.” Folks…this will be THE MOST exciting series we’ve ever done in the history of our church! God blowing our minds…and we are going to take a look at the steps He is leading us to take next!
  • YES, I will be at the game on Monday night!!! GO TIGERS!!!