Random Thoughts From My Couch

Aug 11, 2006

So I am sitting on my couch, getting ready to go to the gym and enjoy my day off. “But wait,” you might say, “its Friday—why are you off on Friday?” Great question—let me explain…

Our entire office is closed on Friday. Our staff works Sunday through Thursday…but we all have Friday and Saturday off. Why? Simple—as the pastor I am dedicated to having a staff that has strong families. I am sick and tired of seeing pastors sacrifice their families in the name of the church—and then blaming it all on God.

Operating Sunday though Thursday has helped us to both have a much stronger church AND a much more rested and refreshed staff going into Sunday’s!

I need a little help...I am in the process of putting together a list of the top 10 dumbest things that Christians fight about. You don’t necessarily have to send in 10—if you can only think of 2 or 3…send them in. I will be doing a post on this next week—which should make us all laugh…and really tick some people off.

I can’t brag on Shane, Joel, John, Trevor, and the tons of volunteers that are working right now to pull off this new series we are starting on Sunday called, “Deal or No Deal.” Let’s just say that from the minute you walk in the door you are going to go, “OK—this is going to be different!” The stage is probably the best designed stage I have ever seen at NewSpring…and each and every service someone will literally have the chance to play, “Deal or No Deal.” If you have a friend or family member that thinks church is boring—get them there this weekend—it’s going to rock!

One more thing—the subject matter we will be covering will be tense…I am not going to lie—BUT it is incredibly necessary that we talk about this stuff!!!

If you are going to be at the Innovative Church Conference next month—shoot me an e-mail, I would love to meet you! I can’t believe these people are actually going to let me speak there. I am going to be teaching a break-out session…and I am teaming up with Mark Batterson in the main session, I can’t wait. I think this conference is going to rock simply because Granger understands how to be effective in a community that is not Chicago, Dallas, or LA…I hope you check it out. They have an early bird registration.

And let me say this about conference before I move on—GO TO THEM!!! We came to the conclusion at NewSpring early on that we can’t afford NOT to go to these things. I try to make two or three a year because they…

  • Refresh me
  • Give me new ideas
  • Enlarge the network of people I know, therefore there are more people I can get ideas from in the future.

OK—that’s about it for the day—time to hit the gym!!!