Top Ten Things Running Through My Mind Today…

Jan 31, 2007

#10 - There is snow on the ground in NC right now…AND I hear it may snow in the upstate tonight!  WOO-HOO!!!  I LOVE SNOW…except when it comes on Saturday night or Sunday!

#9 - Tony has been fun to room with on this retreat…he does not snore, which is awesome because on my two previous trips I have roomed with Jason Moorhead and Shane Duffey…who caused minor earthquakes in the hotels we were in because of their snoring!!!  I seriously do not see how the women they are married to get ANY SLEEP!!!

#8 - This Sunday at NewSpring is going to be incredible!  We are literally going to do something we have NEVER done before…and I honestly believe it will be one of “those services” that people do not forget!!!
#7 - Speaking of this Sunday at NewSpring…remember we will not be having the 6:00 service for THIS SUNDAY NIGHT ONLY…we are asking everyone from the 6:00 service to go to 4:15 and pack it out!   THEN the next week we will resume our normal schedule.

#6 - A week from today is our next “First Wednesday” service!

#5 - We have set some HUGE goals on this retreat…HUGE!  Folks…God is ALL over our church right now, and our best days are ahead of us.  I will be sharing these goals on Sunday, April 1 in a message that will be…uh…“unforgettable!”

#4 - Roseangela, the young lady who sang with us on Christmas Eve (O Holy Night & All I Want For Christmas), will be singing with us this weekend.  (Actually she will not be singing with “us,” Lee kicked me out of the band…he said that in order for it to go to the next level that I needed to quit singing!!!  I am not bitter—really!)

#3 - I am pulling for the Colts in the Super Bowl this weekend!!!

#2 - I believe that we are going to see hundreds of people come to Christ at NewSpring on Sunday, February 11th.  Trust me…DO NOT miss that Sunday…and go ahead and begin inviting people to that service…the Gospel is going to be presented in an UNFORGETABLE way!!!

#1 - I get to see ‘Cretia today—YEAH!!!  I have missed my wife…and tomorrow night is “date night!”  I don’t care if there is snow all over the place—we are going out to eat…even if we have to go the Waffle House!!!