Pastors, Leadership…and Stuff That Makes People Blush

Oct 19, 2009

One of the things I’ve always tried to do is say exactly what I mean.  I believe life is too short and hell is too hot for people to play around with words!  So…saying that…here are a few posts that I’ve done for pastors and leaders…if you haven’t read them yet…enjoy…

#1 - The Pastors Pain - written at a time when I was REALLY struggling!

#2 - Keep Your Penis In Your Pants - written after I had heard about another pastor having an affair…I was MAD!!!  And believe it or not…some people got mad!  :-)

#3 - The Pastor’s Wife - often THE MOST neglected person in a pastors church!!!

#4 - Pastors Are People Too! - I completely ripped this article off from Clayton...WOW!

#5 - Playing for an audience of one!!! (People said this one made them cry!  Which is funny b/c…I cried when I wrote it!)

#6- What They REALLY Mean - if you are a church leader…you will LOVE THIS!!!  :-)  It is one of the most fun thing’s I’ve ever written!!!