Top Ten “Non-Church World” People I Would Like To Meet

Dec 12, 2007

I’ve put out lists before on this site of pastors and church leaders that I would love to meet…well here is a list of the top ten people who are not a pastor or church leader—here goes…

#10 - Daughtry - I seriously love this guys music.  I’m not sure what we would talk about, but I’m sure it would be fun…maybe I could show him a thing or two on the guitar!  :-)

#9 - Howard Schultz - The CEO of Starbucks, I would ask him various questions about branding, customer service and WHY IN THE HECK IT IS TAKING HIM SO FLIPPIN’ LONG TO GET A STORE IN ANDERSON, SC!!! :-)

#8 - Jim Collins - I love what the dude has written in regards to leadership—a lunch with this guy would be well worth the plane ticket to wherever.

#7 - Mark Richt - I am NOT a Georgia Bulldog fan, but from everything I can see I love Coach Richt.  He is solid in his faith and probably knows a thing or two about leadership.  (I have had the privilege of meeting Coach Bowden at Clemson…SOLID GUY!)

#6 - Sean Hannity - I love to hear the guy debate…yes, he in conservative, but he is unapologetic about his faith and values.  Even if you disagree with the guy—you have to respect him.

#5 - Truett Kathy - He is the dude who began Chic-fil-a!  Talk about a man who knows how to take an idea, keep it simple, value excellence and treat people fairly—this is the model.  AND—maybe I could talk him into a free chicken sandwich and milkshake!

#4 - Mike Huckabee, Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney - One of these four are going to be the Republican nomination for president…in addition to what they know about leadership I would love to meet them face to face and form my own opinion rather than have the media tell me what to believe about them.

#3 - Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards - One of these three are going to be the Democratic nomination for president—once again, in addition to what each of them know about leadership I would love to have the chance to meet them and form my own opinion rather than just reading second and third hand information about them.

#2 - Tim Tebow - I love this guy!  He actually said “Jesus” in his Heisman acceptance speech.  He didn’t take the easy way out and say, “I would like to thank God.”  He said “the J Word!”  DANG!  From everything I hear about him he’s solid.  College athletes who can maintain a consistent walk with Christ pump me up because of the pressure on them to do otherwise.  This past year I have got to spend some extended time with Cullen Harper and CJ Spiller and I love their testimony!!!
#1 - George W. Bush - STOP IT, that is NOT a political statement—it’s because he is the flippin’ President of the United States.  Love him or hate him you’ve got to admit the man has had his fair share of criticism…yet he sticks to his convictions.  AND…I’ve always thought it would be cool to sit in the Oval office!!!