My Beautiful Little Girl…

Oct 19, 2007

It’s so amazing what God is teaching me…and she is getting more beautiful by the minute!

First of all—GO TO THIS LINK—this is amazing picture, at least it is to me! I could not get this to upload onto my site—but DANG, she has my heart wrapped!!! :-)


Last Friday we were playing in the floor and she smiled for the camera—she’s awesome!


She’s getting really long—I think she’s going to be a tall baby. I already feel sorry for her—I know how hard it is for tall guys to find pants long enough…so I know she will struggle. BUT…NO PROBLEM…I am completely willing to personally go and pick out all her clothes…isn’t she lucky?


She tried rice cereal for the first time this week, we’re not sure if she actually ate any of it, but hey, it was her first try!

Charisse is going to be like me when it comes to food—here she is in her high chair—and it’s all business as you can tell!!!

Keep ‘Cretia and I in your thoughts and prayers, that God would fill us with wisdom and that we would raise her in an environment where Jesus is first in all that we do!