Staffing, Ministry and Vision!

Oct 22, 2009

Here we go!

#1 - Should I Go Into Ministry? Great question…if you are even considering it…read this!

#2 - Eight Things I Think Every Worship Leader Should Know!

(Our receptionish actually got a phone call from a lady somewhere in the midwest who yelled at her for the above post!!!)

#3 - Seven Things Worship Leaders Wished Their Senior Pastors Knew! (I had my favorite worship leader, Lee McDee, write a response to my post above…EXCELLENT STUFF!!!!)

#4 - What Every Youth Pastor Wishes Their Senior Pastor Knew - seriously…pastors…read!

#5 - Superficial Sunday in the South!

#6 - Four Types of Staff Members…Which Type Are You?

#7 - Five Things You Should NEVER Hear From A Staff Member! EVER!

#8 - Seven Reasons Jesus Could Not Have Been A Pastor In Many Modern Day Churches!