Just For Fun Friday

Oct 8, 2010

I don’t usually post on Friday…but I thought I might do this one for fun.  Raising a daughter who turned three a few months ago and I now have some serious questions…

#1 - Why did Snow White empower the dwarfs to live the way they did?  Of course they were upset when she died…now they were going to have to clean their own house and make their own food?

#2 - Why didn’t Cinderella take the broom and whoop the crap out of her step sisters?

#3 - Who really did let the dogs out…and did we really need a song about it?  (This question was inspired by the fact that Charisse is obsessed with this video...WARNING…if you watch it the song will be stuck in your head ALL DAY!!!)

#4 - Would YOU eat green eggs and ham?  Seriously?

#5 - How did Mary keep the fleece on her lamb so white?

#6 - Was the song about the duck really necessary?

#7 - THIS is one of mine and Charisse’s FAVORITE videos to watch together...cracks me up EVERY time!