Top 20 Blog Posts in 2010 (#10 - #1)

Dec 30, 2010

#10 - 15 Books That Have Impacted Me Personally

#9 - 11 Questions We Should Ask About Our Marriage

#8 - My Thoughts On Health Care Reform

#7 - Sunday Night Reflections…And Zac - note, Zac’s video is at the end of this post…every time I watch it I miss him more and more, yet I know he is more alive right now than I have ever been!

#6 - Every Single Dude & Dudette Should Read This - this was a repost originally written by Clayton King!

#5 - Hey NewSpring (And Every Church)...Let’s Step Up And Be The Church - this post was written in response to the Nashville flood where I encouraged people to rally behind my friend Pete Wilson and his church as they did ministry “on the ground” to the hurting and the hopeless!)

#4 - Ten Signs A Leader Is Losing It!

#3 - Pastors and Sexual Sin

#2 - Ten Questions That Unchurched People ARE NOT ASKING!

#1 - Eight Reasons Some Churches Do Not Grow