A Very Important Request For The NewSpring Family!

Oct 15, 2012

Hey NewSpring, I am writing today to ask for a VERY special favor…that each of us would take some time during the next 24 hours to pray for Pastor Gary Snowzell and Heather (his wife) as their son Jordan will be having a pretty major surgery tomorrow.

Long story short the surgery involves the removal of a cyst that is located at the base of the front of his brain.  So, they are going to have to go in and remove it.  It’s possible that it can be done through the nasal cavity but one of the major concerns is that they may not be able to do that and will very likely have to go in and get it by removing a section of his forehead which will involve WAY more extensive recovery, some pastic surgery and carries with it far greater risks.

Jordan is a godly young man who is serving Jesus faithfully in their church…and actually already has plans after surgery to join their church plant in Cambodia.  (I love his faith!)

I am asking our NewSpring family to…

#1 - Pray for Jordan, for the skill of the surgeons, that they will be able to actually do the surgery through the nasal cavity instead of removing part of his forehead, for a bed to be available when they arrive for the surgery to be done and that there would be a quick recovery and no side effects.

#2 - Pray for Gary & Heather…I can’t even imagine how they must feel as parents, pray that they would be strong and experience the presence of Jesus in a way unlike they have ever experienced Him before.

#3 - Go to twitter and let Gary & Heather know (right here) that we are praying for Him and that our church is standing with him heart and soul!!!  (You can also send a shout out to Jordan right here!)

Thank you so much NewSpring…I love my church!