Confession - I Almost Didn't Release My Book On Overcoming Anxiety

Feb 14, 2019

Have you ever feared not doing something because you didn’t think you could handle rejection?  

OR - have you ever allowed people to talk you out of something you really felt like you should do?  

If the answer to both (or either) of these is “yes” - then…me too!  

My latest book, “Overcoming Anxiety” was FINISHED in May of 2018.  (When I say “finished” it was completely written and edited.)  

However, I didn’t move forward with in; in fact, I pretty much dismissed it and, while I enjoyed the writing process, told myself I was never going to let anyone actually read it.  


The two reasons I mentioned before.  

The first was I was scared it would not sell—that people would reject a book written by me.  And I learned - if we allow fear to camp out in our minds, it will eventually build a home and turn into full blown paranoia.  

The second was an agent who was trying to work with me, after trying to talk to Christian publishers about me, said the sentiment towards me was that it was “too soon” for me to begin writing books again…

…and, I allowed those who don’t know me or my story to determine the direction of my life for a season.  

But—God would not let me let go of this idea.  

And I would not say “yes” to Him because fear of rejection and “fear of man” were stronger voices in my life than His.  

But - God is good, and is relentless in His pursuit of us.  He would not give up - and, so I hesitantly said “yes” in November - worked with a team to get the book typeset and such—and didn’t try to sign with a publisher but rather paid for the book to be done out of my own pocket.  

“Why did you only order 500 copies,” someone asked me earlier this week.  

“Because I wasn’t sure if I would sell them,” was my very honest answer.  

“After all, who in the world actually wants to read a book about anxiety,” I thought.  

Well - as in every case - God was right and I was wrong!  

All 500 copies of the book sold in two weeks - and I’ve placed an order for 500 more (many of which have already been “pre-ordered.”  (By the way - the eBook is available for immediate download on the site!)  

The biggest surprise to me thus far has been all of the incredibly positive feedback.  I thought because the book was pretty raw and real that there would be a lot of people offended by the way I said certain things, or by certain words or phrases I chose to use…

…and while I am sure some have (and will be) offended - the overwhelming majority of people have told me the main thing they loved about the book was how real and vulnerable it was.  

In all of this I can see the blessing of not going down the road of traditional publishing - in all of my previous books I felt my voice was scrubbed/sanitized to make them as “Christian Bookstore Friendly” as possible.  

You won’t find my latest book in a Christian bookstore (or anywhere else - it’s only available online and at Second Chance Church on Sunday’s).  

BUT - if you do wind up getting a copy - what you will find is a very honest and Biblical approach to the subject of anxiety - and how to begin to walk through in instead of feeling trapped inside of it.  

Go here to order your copy - and we will get them to you as soon as we get our next shipment in (which will be in about 2-3 weeks.)  

And…one more thing.  

To the person out there who KNOWS what your next step is—but you won’t take it because you are afraid of rejection…or have been told by someone who knows a lot about the Bible but knows nothing of your story - I say - go for it!!!  

Seriously - life is WAY TOO SHORT to allow regret to be the emotion that dominates us.  

If it’s from the Lord and it’s the right thing - seriously - don’t miss out!!  Take it from a guy who almost did!