Where Will The Next Second Chance Church Location Be?

Dec 5, 2018

The excitement that is building around the launch of a physical location at Second Chance Church is has been incredible - and I can’t thank everyone enough for the amazing amount of encouragement that has been poured out…


…there is a question that seems to be popping up over and over again about where the NEXT Second Chance campus will be (and many people saying, “can’t wait for you to open a campus in ______________” (insert city)  

While it is absolutely in my heart to reach as many people as possible, and we are committed to doing whatever it takes to fulfill the Great Commission, at this time there are no plans in regards to timing or locations for more campuses.  


Second Chance is a true church plant, not a campus launch.  

In most occasions, when a church launches a campus they have support staff, finances and a model in which they are trying to duplicate.  

In a church plant everything has to literally be built from the ground up.  

Sure, I’ve started a church before that launched campuses - however, it took eight years at my previous church for us to launch our first extension campus (which was Greenville.)  It’s so easy for us to forget a times that what became “normal” used to be a miracle!  

We started Second Chance with nothing but an iPhone 7 and a Facebook Live feed - and it’s slowly but surely built momentum.  

However, the focus right now is not establishing a plan for multiple locations, but rather to do whatever it takes to get our Anderson location fully operational.  

We will still broadcast our services online once we get into our building; in fact, I expect the quality will go up a notch or two.  

But, for those who are expecting a Second Chance campus to open in your community soon - while the thought is super encouraging, at this point it’s simply not on our radar.  

Not because we don’t want to have more campuses—but because we can’t at this point.  

We are a true church plant, not a campus launch.  

So, if you are in Anderson (or close by) I am super excited about you being able to come and join us for a service.  

And, if you are located pretty far away and can’t be here every week - you can still continue to be a part of this ministry by joining us online.  

We are praying it will grow, and we are expecting the Lord to do incredible things—and because people have given so generously we’ve been able to do all of the work so far without accumulating any debt whatsoever.

I promise when/if we ever do launch another campus we will let everyone know (and celebrate like crazy!)  

But for now we are going to try to do our best to be incredible stewards of what the Lord has placed into our hands.