Ten Things I Would Say To Anyone Entering Ministry…And Anyone Else Living On This Planet

Nov 28, 2007

#1 - Do Not Neglect Your Personal Time With God

I have learned that I can either do ministry from memory or ministry from the overflow of what God is doing in me—the latter is ALWAYS the most fruitful.

#2 - People Will Hurt You—Love Them Anyway

One of the biggest temptations in life and ministry is to become bitter and angry at people who hurt you and then allowing those relationships to drive wedges into future relationships. LOVE PEOPLE—Jesus did. It’s not easy…but we’re called to do this.

#3 - Don’t Be Afraid To Make Mistakes

One of the biggest things that holds God’s kingdom back is His people, empowered by His Spirit, who are afraid to fail! I would rather make a mistake trying than make THE mistake mentioned in James 4:17.

#4 - Remember WHO You Are Serving

One day I will stand before Jesus…our goal in life should be to please HIM in all things…career, relationships, finances, parenting…

#5 - Think Big

Don’t limit God—Ephesians 3:20 is SO TRUE! Why do we make nickel and dime plans when God OWNS THE FLIPPIN’ UNIVERSE?!?!?

#6 - Don’t Let Yourself Get Into A Rut

One of the biggest weapons the enemy uses is the one of familiarity…and in giving into this enemy we begin to desire to just…be…comfortable. We have PLENTY of time to be comfortable in heaven…while we are on the earth we must allow God to disturb us so that He can use us to disturb others.

#7 - Never Stop Learning

Always ask questions—from everyone. I seek advice from pastors who have churches larger than NewSpring…and also those who have churches smaller. If I ever get to be so prideful and arrogant & begin to think I can’t learn from others—I am convinced that God will kick my rear end!

#8 - Be Real

The “pastoral/Christian” image is played out…people are sick and tired of the man in the pulpit pretending that his poo doesn’t stink! (Expect for those obsessed with their own image!) Christians are KNOWN for being able to fake it through life because we’ve believed the lie that once we become Christians we NEVER have problems anymore!!! Don’t fall into that! (More on that Sunday at NewSpring.)

#9 - Take About Real Issues

Most people attending our churches do not care about the measurements of the Temple—but they do want to know how they can hold a marriage together, how they can keep from going under financially and how to raise good kids.

#10 - Surround Yourself With “Yes” Men and Women!

Yep—surround yourself with people who say, “yes, Lord—whatever you want” and then they will passionately pursue HIS direction. If you have people around you that are scared of you then your leadership/life IS IN DANGER.