Ten Questions About Super Bowl Weekend At NewSpring Church

Jan 27, 2014

#1 – What will our Sunday morning schedule be for Super Bowl Weekend? 

Same as usual at every campus!

#2 – What will our Sunday evening schedule be for Super Bowl Weekend? 

For the Anderson, Greenville, Spartanburg, Columbia and Greenwood campuses, we will be moving the 5:00pm and 6:30pm services from Sunday night to Saturday night.

#3 – Is NewSpring beginning a Saturday night service? 

Nope, we are doing this for one week only—service times will resume to our normal schedule the following Sunday (February 9th). 

#4 – Are we doing anything special Super Bowl Weekend that I should be excited about? 

ABSOLUTELY! For those who went to the Gauntlet last year, I will be preaching the Hashtag message. For those of you who have no idea what a hashtag is…it’s ok, you will know after Super Bowl weekend. It’s the PERFECT message for anyone who has ever felt like they weren't good enough, struggled with feeling forgiven and thought that maybe God was disappointed with them. 

#5 – Is moving service times on Super Bowl Weekend normal for NewSpring Church? 

Yep! We’ve moved our Sunday night services on Super Bowl weekend to Saturday nights for several years in a row and have seen an overwhelmingly positive response. 

#6 - Is this sort of move worldly, sinful and a compromise of the Gospel? 


#7 – I think it is, why am I wrong? 

There are verses mandating that a church should meet together; however, there are not any verses mandating a Biblical time for worship. By the time Super Bowl weekend is over, NewSpring Church will have provided 30 different worship services across nine campuses, which is quite a few opportunities to fulfill the Biblical mandate to gather together! 

Also, Super Bowl Sunday is one of THE most watched events on television every single year. Our job as a church is not to try to make a POINT by competing with culture, but rather to make a difference by leveraging what is going on in culture to reach as many people as possible. 

We will reach FAR more people on Saturday night with the GOOD NEWS about Jesus than we would have if we were to press ahead with services on Sunday night. And more people hearing about Jesus is always a win. 

AND...many of our home groups have Super Bowl parties as well, which provides an opportunity for our groups to get together and have FUN!

#8– How does your staff feel about this? 

They are all PUMPED UP…everyone except for Tyler Tatum who is a 49ers fan. 

#9 – Where are you watching the Super Bowl, Pastor P? 

Don’t have plans yet…but if you have a big screen TV and lots of really good food I am waiting on directions to your house!!! 

#10 – Who are you going to cheer for? 

That's a hard question. I really do like Peyton Manning and would not be at all disappointed if he got another ring; however, I made a promise to my friend Judah Smith last year that I would cheer for the Seahawks all year this year…and I can’t go back on that promise now.