Top Twelve Things You Should Never Say To A Baptist

Nov 13, 2007

#12 - Lottie who?

#11 - What is a covered dish and why must everyone who gets sick in our church have to have some sort of casserole?

#10 - I love it when my wife has her own opinion!

#9 - For God so loved the world that He did not send a COMMITTEE!

#8 - “Were either going to Disney or Vegas for vacation this year…”

#7 - SHE did an incredible job with the message today.

#6 - Why do you keep calling me “brother?”

#5 - “Got a light?”  Unless, of course, you are a deacon…then this is a perfectly valid question.

#4 - Can we please sing the third verse!!!

#3 - Hold my beer.

#2 - May I have this dance?

#1 - Ante up!

Please!  This list was just for fun, the reason I can say this about Baptist is because I am affiliated with them and love them—trust me, my heart is built on nothing less than Lottie Moon and Broadman Press!  (If you didn’t get that then you are probably Presbyterian and were predestined before the foundations of the world not to understand it!)  Come on people—LAUGH!