Who “Blogs” At NewSpring?

Dec 5, 2007

Here at NewSpring we have several staff members who “blog” or have a “virb” page OR whatever—here are some you can check out…

Tony Morgan - Of course, one day when I grow up in “bloggie years”...I want to be like Tony.  Tony’s job title is our Chief strategies officer…at least I think that’s his title.  Either way…he’s an excellent leader.

Lee Mcderment -  THE BEST worship leader in the country—hands down!  AND…one of the most brilliant thinkers I’ve ever met in my life.  His CD is slated to be released this spring…I’ve got an “advance” copy—it’s AWESOME.

Jake Beaty - Jake is over our pastoral care and outreach area and has one of the most brilliant minds I’ve ever encountered when it comes to meeting with people and giving them practical and theological advice.  If you look over some of his past posts…his stuff on relationships is AWESOME.

Joe Sangl - Joe is incredible—he has a passion to help people get out of debt and REALLY has an incredible gift of making what most people believe to be complicated really simple.  If you are in a financial hole you NEED to contact Joe & set up an appointment to sit down and chat…but…warning…he’s going to shoot straight!!!

Sherry Moorhead - Sherry is in charge of leading our 2,000 plus volunteer ministry.  She has worked with NewSpring since 2001…she actually used to be my assistant but discovered that she didn’t like me and asked to be transferred to another area.  :-)  That’s a joke!  Seriously…she is the best at what she does…and has a heart to see people meet Christ AND then grow in Him through serving.

Pudge - Pudge works in our children’s area and I love him because he is A-D-D…like me.  (Hey—look…a bird!)  Pudge worked with our children’s ministry when we had about 150-200 coming every week as a volunteer…and the Lord has used him in an incredible way to impact the kids in our area with the Gospel.

Alden Ellis - Alden serves as our middle school pastor and is an incredible leader/servant.  He has a passion for Jesus and for life that comes out in his teaching and his writing.  I’ve known him since he was a freshmen at AC AU and actually had the privilege of baptizing him.  I love his passion for growth as well!
Brad Cooper - Brad is our high school pastor and…I am secure enough in my manhood to say that he is quite possibly the most handsome man on the planet.  Seriously…I wished I looked as half as good as him!  :-)  This dude is the real deal…loves Jesus, life and high school students…and is growing as a leader like crazy.

Ken Wilson - Everyone loves Ken!!!  Ken was in the core group that began NewSpring and is one of the most creative people on the planet.  Currently his title is our Visual Director—what does that mean?  Uh…it’s really techie…I think he leads the people who use really big words and knows how to make things happen both visually and graphically on the screens every Sunday.  He is also an coffee addict—which I believe is a sign of being a genius.

That is all I can think of right now…if I’ve missed anyone then let me know…OR…either update it more than once a year!  :-)