Top Posts In 2006 @

Dec 31, 2006

My buddy Ken has helped me compile a list…and I have decided to go with the 12 top posts of ‘06…should be fun.

#12 - I did this post asking pastors one of the most important questions a pastor can be asked, “How Is Your Wife?” I married the woman of my dream…but marriage is work—ESPECIALLY for pastors.

#11 - This post on creating an experience caused quite a stir in blog world. It was even picked up on a couple of other blogs…and…it seems I offended some people with my “punch them in the throat” comment. Please be advised…I will be doing an entire post on “throat punching” within the next two weeks! :-)

#10 - After what happened to me one morning on my way into the gym I was inspired to post about this! I will be talking about this at NewSpring soon! YES…I am going to talk about this!!!

#9 - Could Jesus have been a pastor in many modern day churches? I did this post listing several reasons why I do not think so…

#8 - During our relationship series I did this post entitled, “Five Things Every Single Dude Should Know.” The result was a lot of thankful women…and a lot of whiney men who keep asking, “When are you going to do a post to challenge the women?” Dude…seriously—STOP IT!

#7 - Hooters anyone? Yes…I did a post on Hooters...THE RESTAURANT!!! Many people read this post & a fun time was had by all…NOT AT HOOTERS though!

#6 - Believe it or not—I literally have people (who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ), who have never met me…yet claim to hate me. (I have the e-mails to prove it!) They claim that this blog is a constant source of frustration for them…so I tried to help them with this post...gee, I hope I got through to some of them.

#5 - I was overwhelmed by what NewSpring did for me on pastor’s appreciation day. I won’t go into everything…but they did a video for me saying thanks…so I linked it on this post...and it turned out to be the 5th most popular post all year long.

#4 - After the November election I had the following opinions...I still do!

#3 - I posted these thoughts after seeing 214 people accept Christ in one day—that day is FOREVER burned into my mind…I will never forget seeing people stream forward and praying out loud to receive Christ…it rocked my world!!!

#2 - This one surprised me. But during our relationship series I did a talk on how to have an affair. It was literally THE MOST DRAINING message I have ever preached in my life…and I shared my thoughts here on the night it was all over.

AND…Drum roll please…

#1 - This post on “the M word” was BY FAR the number one post—nothing else was even close!!! Two things…the first being the e-mails that this post generated—AMAZING! It was especially disturbing all of the

perverts men who e-mailed in trying to justify their behavior

sin.  DUDE—IT’S WRONG—STOP IT!!! Secondly…the conversations that I had revolving around this post—DANG!!! I now know more about some people than I ever cared to know!!!

And that’s it…thanks for stopping by this year (or last year—whenever you are reading this!) I believe we are going to have a ton ‘o fun in 2007…and I AM GOING TO BE A DAD!!! :-)