Eleven Things I Want To Do…

Apr 27, 2009

Everyone has a wish list (or at least SHOULD have one!)  Here are 10 things I want to do…some ministry, some personal…all serious!

#1 - I Want NewSpring Church To Reach Over 100,000 People For Jesus Christ!

If the early church can do what they did in Acts 2:41 with ABSOLUTELY none of the technology we have today…then what does the Lord expect of us?  I believe we will see this…am begging God for it…and will not back down from doing all that I can to see that this happens.

#2 - I Want To Have At Least 25 NewSpring Campuses In The Next 10 Years.

I don’t know how in the heck we are going to do this…but I know that multi site works and that our church is called to do this.

#3 - I Want To Begin A Church Planting Network.

Once again, I don’t know how…I just know that I have a heart for church planters!  I want to help as much as I possibly can…and I know that our church must be involved in both church planting and multi site.

#4 - I Want To See At Least 3,000 People Be Baptized In One Day!!!

If it happened in Acts…it can happen again.  He’s the same God!!!

#5 - I Want To Go Back To Hillsong Church!

Going there was amazing for me…Jesus used it to stir my heart in a major way…and I hope to get back there someday!

#6 - I Want To Have A Meal With TD Jakes!

Yep, I said it several weeks ago…I will say it again.  He is one of the leaders I really admire…but have never had a chance to meet in person!

#7 - I Want Rick Warren To Come To Anderson, SC!

OK…I know Rick probably doesn’t even know where Anderson is…but I would LOVE to have him come here…spend a day with him and have him talk to the staff…hey, dream big, right?

#8 - I Would Love To Go To Rome!

It seems like Rome has came up several times in conversations recently…and everyone who has gone says it is awesome!

#9 - I Would Love To Own A Jeep Rubicon!

Maybe it’s the weather…but I can’t help but think that driving a jeep would be SOOOOO relaxing.

#10 - I Would Love To Buy 5-10 Acres Of Land…Build A House Right In The Middle Of It…And COMPLETELY Enjoy Living In The Country!

#11 - I Would Love To Have Biceps Like Craig Groeschel!

If you were at Catalyst West Coast then you know EXACTLY what I am talking about.  When he rolled up his shirt sleeve and showed off his bicep I said, “dang” out loud!  He’s ripped!!!