Sunday Night’s Thoughts…

May 27, 2007

So here goes…and then I am going to bed!

  • I didn’t speak today—but Brad Cooper, our high school pastor, did an incredible job.  It made me think back to my very first sermon…it was eight minutes long!!!  Way to go Brad, you did an excellent job.
  • It was 17 years ago today that I met Jesus—I would never have thought He would have blessed me the way that He has…EVERY GOOD THING in my life is the result of knowing Him.
  • I can’t wait to speak next Sunday…we are going to be continuing the series with a two part message on a passage of Scripture that has often been misunderstood…and EVERYONE is familiar with it.
  • Still no signs of Herman…BUT…a female turkey was seen this week in my backyard—MAYBE Herman will show up again now!!!
  • This past Wednesday and Thursday I hosted a pastor’s round table with 10 other guys who I really admire, it was an awesome time and I felt that Jesus used those two days to stretch all of us.  I LOVE these environments!
  • Steven came down today for our 9:15 worship service…and then we went out for lunch.  I LOVE this guy—and I believe that he is one of the best young leaders I have ever met.
  • The fact that I am going to be a dad is more real today than ever before—HOLY COW!!!  Please pray for ‘Cretia and Charisse.
  • Is NASCAR really a sport?
  • Why did the Braves get HAMMERED today?
  • I said this on Friday…but have seen it over and over again…as Christians we are called to give our VERY BEST to the Lord—IN EVERYTHING.  And so…that means the church should be offering Him our very best as well—IN EVERYTHING.
  • John 2:5 is one of THE best verses in Scripture…and I am TRYING to apply this daily.
  • I had lunch with my pastor on Friday, the guy who was serving at the church where I received Christ in 1990.  He has been in the ministry for 42 years…and I sat for two hours and asked him questions as to how I can set myself up to finish well…I don’t want to just go hard for awhile and flame out…I want to make it for the long haul…and God used this man to both encourage and challenge me.  More on this later…
  • I loved this post by Tony
  • And then check out this post on his blog if you think you might be interested in working at NewSpring.

I hope you have a great day!!!  Check back later this week as I will be hitting a subject that MOST PASTORS won’t touch…it will get tense around here…BUT…I promise, what the Lord has put on my heart NEEDS to be said…can’t wait!!!