Eight Personal Pet Peeves

Feb 23, 2009

From time to time people will ask me what are some things that get on my nerves…thought I would have a little fun with that on this Monday…here we go…

#1 - Cuddle Worshipers!  

These are the couples that are in every church…and have to be fully embraced with one another while they sing songs to Jesus.  They don’t raise their hands because they are placed in the back pocket of the other person.  God must be so happy!

#2 - Network Marketers

People who email me and tell me that they have an “incredible ministry opportunity” for me.  I found out early than nearly every one of these opportunities included me making a substantial financial investment and would require me to talk to people about a product more than I talk about Jesus.  Not interested!!!

#3 - Slow Drivers

Seriously…do I need to say anything?

#4 - “Discernment Bloggers”  

I don’t read their sites anymore…but they stop by here everyday, which blows my mind!  :-)  Seriously, you people REALLY need to find something to do with your time…may I suggest…

  • Getting a prescription for Viagra (you are obviously a very frustrated individual!)
  • Reaching out to people who don’t know Jesus rather than yelling at them…or thinking you are superior to them.
  • Understand that if it were not for the grace of God you would be the very person than you condemn.

#5 - Little bathrooms on airplanes! 

If you are over 4’ 3” you are just out of luck!

#6 - When the person in front of me has to count out change so they can pay the EXACT amount!


#7 - Not having enough ice in my drink…I love to chomp ice and MUST have a lot of it.  (The ice at Zaxby’s is the BOMB!)

#8 - “Christians” who are cheap and do not tip well! 

I ALMOST didn’t come to church because I used to work in the restaurant industry on Sunday’s…and Christians were the rudest, cheapest people I had ever met!

Sunday should be the day that every server wants to work because they are treated better on that day than any other…and they make three or four times the money than on any other day because of the generosity of the people that they serve!

Christians who leave a tract instead of a tip are LOSERS.  (Especially the ones who leave the tract that looks like money…if you have done this then you should be beaten!!!)

That’s it…that was fun!