Happy Birthday…

May 27, 2008

Two quick things that pump me up about today…

#1 - Charisse is eleven months old!

WOW…has it happened that fast? She’s growing like a weed…and she’s smart. If she stays on her current trajectory in regards to her learning ability…she should pass me in about four months. :-)

#2 - I am eighteen today!

It was eighteen years ago today that I surrendered to Jesus Christ. I can remember it like it was yesterday…it is still SO REAL in my mind. I had no idea what a mega-church was…didn’t know Rick Warren or Bill Hybels, had only been introduced to the NIV two months earlier, didn’t know about the SBC…all I knew was that I was a sinner, Jesus Christ paid for my sins…and by receiving His payment by asking Him into my life—EVERYTHING CHANGED.

EVERYTHING!!! There is NOTHING good in my life that isn’t the result of knowing Christ…nothing.

And the greatest part about that is—He ISN’T through with me yet. I am a work in progress…there is still much shaping to do. At times He will do so with a chisel, sculpting out details that He sees as important…and at other times He will use a sledgehammer, shattering the things in me that need to be destroyed.

Either way…I am HIS…and there is no greater joy in life than knowing Christ!