Lots Of Awesome Things Heading Our Way…

Jun 21, 2006

I am getting ready for a staff meeting in just a little while—let me just say that we have the most incredible staff in the world here at NewSpring…I love working with these people!

This coming Sunday will be “marathon” Sunday.  In this sermon I will be talking about lessons I learned while training for, running in, and failing to complete the San Diego marathon.  Someone on our creativity team said it best the other day when they remarked, “We are always blessed when you share your painful experiences with us.”  If that’s the case—then this Sunday will be a blessing.

And…let me just say that the environment when you show up this Sunday will be very different from anything you have ever experienced at church…get your friends here this weekend—especially if they think church is boring!

(No—I will not be preaching the sermon in short running shorts!!!  Why?  Two reasons.  #1 - I think it is ungodly for men to wear them!  #2 - I do not want to cause people to vomit!)

And then on Friday, June 30 the NewSpring band will be doing a benefit concert to raise money for Anderson Interfaith Ministries and Crisis Pregnancy Center at the William A Floyd ampi-theatre located outside of the Anderson Civic Center.

DON’T MISS THIS!!!  It will begin at 7:00 and is completely open to the public.  Our band will be rocking out…and there will be an awesome fireworks show!  I am serious when I say you had better not miss this!!!
What is the cost?  There is a suggested $10 donation at the gate per person…or $20 per family.

What is the money going for?  We will be splitting the proceeds, half of the money will go to Anderson Interfaith Ministries and the other half will go towards Crisis Pregnancy Center.  These are two organizations in our community that are doing an incredible job of ministering to people—and we are doing this simply to give back to them because they give so much.

And EVERY DIME we take in goes to them...NewSpring is footing the bill for the sound system, the lights, the fireworks…and the Civic Center is allowing us to use their facilities for free.  This is one of the ways of doing local missions…so come out and hang out!

Sunday, July 2nd will be the most politically incorrect sermon you have ever heard…it is going to be very patriotic AND personal…and that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

We will not be doing First Wednesday on July 5th.  Why?  Uh—its July 5th…is anyone going to be in town?  On a serious note—we plan on not doing First Wednesday in July and January of every year…but it will be back FULL FORCE in August.

And then on July 9th I will be sharing a message on a subject that I have never really spoken on before; in fact, I don’t know many pastors that have ever addressed what I am going to address on that day!

Then of course parents there is Summer Blockbuster for kids who are going into K-5 all the way through the 5th grade.  Please make sure to register your child this Sunday in our lobby—there will be a table set up and everything!

Whew—that’s about it for now—have an awesome day!