Fire & Rain (Four Questions That Will Help You Prepare Better Messages)  

Aug 14, 2019



Episode Description

A few years ago on a trip to Israel, while standing on Mt. Carmel, an incredible insight hit me.

Mt. Carmel is where one of the most well known miracles in the Bible took place (fire from heaven); however, while the miracle was incredible--it wasn't what was essential to the survival of the people.

Question: If there had been a drought for 3 years--what is the LAST thing you would want to fall from the sky?


Which is why, after the fire fell, the story doesn't end...

...but rather continues with Elijah praying for rain--and continually sending his servant to the top of the mountain to see if the rain was coming (which, after the 7th trip, the servant reported seeing a cloud.)

He prayed once for fire--but had to pray seven times as hard for rain.
One of the temptations for a communicator is to "bring the fire" on people (because it's easy!)

However, most of the people in our churches today are dehydrated spiritually - and 'bringing the fire" will not draw them in, but drive them away.

What they really need is rain; however, in order for that to happen we, as leaders, must be willing to put in the work to make that happen.

With this in mind - here are four questions I work through when I am putting together a message.

1 - Have I Prioritized Making An Appointment With Myself?
2 - What Is The Major Takeaway I Want For The Listener?

Option A Takeaway: My pastor is really godly and intelligent. Option B Takeaway: I can do that!

3 - Am I Willing To Get Input?
4 - Am I Doing All I Can To Be As Fresh As Possible On Sunday?

Check out the podcast for more specifics on these questions - and let us know if there is anything at all we can do for you or your church.