"If You Just Pray--All The Bad Will Go Away!"

Feb 12, 2019

I am not sure if you've ever been told this or not - and, while it sounds so good, it's simply not true.  

I first learned this in 1982 when my mother died.  

When we found out she had cancer I prayed like crazy (because, if we pray, the bad goes away, right?)  

However, in spite of my desperate pleadings for her to live - she passed away.  

I can remember being told by a church leader there were most likely two things wrong with my prayers...either...

#1 - I Wasn't Praying Hard Enough - (you know, because if we "do more, work harder" - then God HAS to do what we ask!")  (Eye roll)  

#2 - I Didn't Have Enough Faith 

I felt like a failure; in fact, I carried guilt around for quite a while that I was somehow responsible for the death of my mom because I didn't have enough faith that God would heal her.  (I now know that is complete BS!)  

This lie (if you pray - all the bad will go away) dominates the conversation around anxiety.  

Don't get me wrong - I believe in the power of prayer, AND - I believe in miracles as well; however, I've also discovered that healing is a process that does include prayer--but also so much more.  

When I first began to battle with anxiety I prayed like crazy (but didn't tell anyone!)  And - the harder I prayed, the more anxious I became.  It took me back to the situation with my mom - maybe I wasn't praying the right way or didn't have enough faith...

...I finally broke down, admitted I needed help and sought out a therapist--who was able to show me a major reason for my anxiety actually came from my inability to process grief (as well as a few other things.)  

Once the problem was identified - the proper way of treating it began, thus allowing me to enter into the process of healing.  

I'm not a clinical expert by any means; however, two things I know about those of us who wrestle with anxiety is...

#1 - There is a reason

#2 - Healing is a process

Which is why I wrote, "Overcoming My Anxiety, " which is a 30 day guide a person can use to step into the process of healing.  

Honestly, out of all of the books I've written - it's my favorite...because, I self published it--which means it did not get scrubbed and sanitized so it could occupy safe places in Christian bookstores.  

It's raw - it's real - and I believe it will help someone who wants to at least get the process started.  

Go here and get your signed copy now!  

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