Hey NewSpring - Let’s Make A Difference TODAY

Feb 22, 2016

If you are a parent, then you understand one of the most helpless feelings in the world is to see your child sick.  

What's even more frustrating is when people really are giving their very best effort, but there is still confusion in regards to what is going on.  

Which brings me to Michael and Vanessa Brown.  

I've known Michael since 1993 (he was in my youth group).  I saw him and Vanessa get married, and have been so thankful for the way each of them have been a part of NewSpring Church, serving on staff and volunteering.

Michael and Vanessa's five-year-old daughter is really sick and has been so for over a week.  At first it seemed to me just a loss of appetite and possibly an upset stomach. However, as time has progressed it went from a "this may be a stomach ache" to being admitted to the Greenville Children's Hospital (have been there since Wednesday morning.)

There is an awesome team of doctors at this point trying to determine if this is an abdominal infection or a blood vessel infection.  Due to the inflammation and swelling in her abdomen, it has made it difficult for X-rays, ultrasounds and CT scans to give a clear picture of all that is going on. 

At this point there is quite a bit of uncertainty in regards to what's next, but in the best case scenario they are going to be in the hospital for another week or two.  

Which is why I am posting this today...

#1 - Can you pause right now and pray a 15 second prayer, asking Jesus to heal MichaelAnne?  

#2 - Would you please consider going to this page - - set up by some awesome friends here at NewSpring to make a donation? They are going to have serious medical expenses, and this is an opportunity for us as a church to rally behind them and let them know we love them and support them.  

Thanks so much - for praying and for giving - both of those things will make a difference.