Incredibly AWESOME Quick Hits

Apr 28, 2008

#1 - Clayton and I went to rasslin’ last Monday night at the BI-LO center—it was redneck heaven & crazy fun! Oh yeah…THIS BLOG POST by him, in my opinion, is a classic. If you are a senior pastor you will love it!

(By the way NewSpringers…being honest here…I am blessed. God has been good to us as a church and me as a pastor…but trust me when I say that there are TONS of hurting pastors in this world—TONS!)

#2 - If you missed Unleash you need to check out NewSpring’s podcast on itunes…we uploaded the messages…and you can download them (for free!) if you would like.

#3 - Craig has had some incredible posts on gratitude this week…if you haven’t checked them out you can do so at his blog…

#4 - In my opinion, Jonathan hit the ball out of the park with this post!

#5 - And finally this post by Tim Stevens is an incredible reminder to us all to prioritize marriage before the kids!