Four Fearful Halloween Happenings…And Some Other Randomness…

Oct 29, 2007

So…Halloween is coming…time for “scary things.” I made a list of four things I fear the most in life…

#4 - That Joe somehow manages to sneak the Clay Aiken Christmas album onto my itunes. (Pray for Joe, he has admitted—OUT LOUD—that he enjoys Clay Aiken’s Christmas album…and I took away his man card!)

#3 - Spiders! I know God has a purpose for everything…AND He is mysterious. THUS, His reasoning for these creatures boggles my mind. I hate them—all of them. (I killed another one outside my house this weekend with a trash bag—God was laughing because when it fell onto the pavement and was still alive I danced around like crazy…and I think I may have screamed!)

#2 - Cracker Barrel NOT having their baked apple dumplin! Seriously, this dessert is the BEST I have ever had in a chain restaurant…I am craving one right now! Yes, I know it’s breakfast—WHO CARES! This actually happened to me once…they ran out and as a result I was depressed for a week!

#1 - That Charisse will grow up, go to the University of South Carolina and desire to cheer for their football team! This fear keeps me up at night!

In some other news…

Bob had this blog post—I LOVED IT!!!  Seriously, it’s worth the 45 seconds it will take to read it!

Sherry Moorhead, our Volunteer Director here at NewSpring, now has a blog.  You can check it out here!

Jake has a blog and just did an excellent series of posts regarding marriage.  He also answers questions on this site that we get a lot around the office…he does a GREAT job.

That’s about it for now!  :-)