Lessons From My Journey

Oct 20, 2009

One of the things that I try to do a lot is share from my pain and my failures.  I’ve noticed in church world that people relate a lot better to a leader when they realize that he isn’t necessarily above them…but rather one of them and is struggling with them.

So…here are some things that I’ve dealt with…praying they may minister/challenge/bless you.

#1 - Top Seven STUPID Financial Mistakes I’ve Made Part One - I had a degree in financial stupidity for over a decade!!!  Seriously…and in this post I shared the PAINFUL lessons I learned…and how to come out of a financial hole!!!  (BTW…it takes WORK!!!!)

#2 - And here is part two to the STUPIDITY that I repented of!

#3 - I’ve had a life long battle with weight issues!!!  There was a time when I weighed over 300 pounds and wore a size 50 in the pants!!!  (I literally still weight every single day…yes, I have issues!)  So…in this series I shared my struggles…

#4 -   “When I Saw The Blood I Freaked Out!” NO one likes to see the blood of their own child…and the first time I saw Charisse injured God used it to ROCK my world!!!

#5 - Eyes LOCKED!!! Once again…God used my little girl to ABSOLUTELY drill something into my head!!!