Mental Health

Five Myths That People Have About People With Anxiety

Apr 1, 2019

One of the MAJOR issues I’ve been studying over the past several years is anxiety and depression—and in so doing have discovered five common myths people have in regards to those who battle with these things.  

#1 - “They Are Just Trying To Get Attention!”  

Have there been cases where this is true?  

Of course…

…however, I can promise you it is the exception—because no one who has EVER truly battled with anxiety and made any progress would want to get attention in this way.  

In fact, if someone is REALLY wrestling with anxiety/depression - their tendency is to NOT try and get attention, they withdraw, stay silent and often allow their mind to become the devil’s playground (speaking from personal experience here!)  

#2 - “A Prayer Will Handle The Problem!”  

Prayer is awesome - and definitely helps to refocus our attention; however, there are times when it really does (GULP) take more than prayer.  

Stick with me…

Have you ever broken a bone?  

If so - did you immediately go to the church and ask for prayer—or did you go to the ER to get things dealt with?  

And - after the bone was reset…did it heal immediately…or was it a process?  

If we know this is true when a bone is broken—then why would we not think the same thing if something is broken in our minds?  

Yes, we should pray—but we should also do whatever else it takes to step into healing.  

#3 - “A Pill Will Handle The Problem!”  

I believe in medicine; in fact, I believe it’s one of the ways God heals people in the world today (as He gives human beings the wisdom to continually discover new cures!

And, I REALLY do believe in taking medication for anxiety and depression (as I have done before.)  

However, if the root cause that is causing the anxiety/depression is not dealt with…then the person taking the medication will experience feeling numb, but will never be able to REALLY enjoy life because the root cause hasn’t been dealt with (once again, I know this from personal experience.)  

#4 - “Therapy Is Garbage!”   

I have encountered so many people who say they spoke with a therapist and It did not do them any good.  

When I inquire as to how many times they saw the therapists their answer is usually “once or twice!”  

As someone who has participated in intense therapy—and who is seeing a therapist on an ongoing basis, I can promise you that therapy is not garbage, it’s gold - and over time it really does help the healing process move along.  

#5 - “They’ll Always Be That Way!”  

Some people struggle with anxiety/depression for a season—and some struggle their entire lives.  (I’ve had an ongoing battle with it for over a decade!)  

Often times when a person wrestles with these things—we can often think things will always be this way, that we will never get better…

…but that’s just not true.  

No matter who you are—no matter how deep the darkness is, progress can be made - and if I can make progress…ANYONE can…

…which is why I tell people to pray, talk with your doctor, seek out a therapist and find people who will provide you with encouragement rather than pity.  

This is one of the reasons I wrote my latest book - Overcoming Anxiety, I wanted to take people on a 30 day journey where the focus would be help and hope.  

We have less than 300 copies of the book available - so, if you want to get one you can go here and do so (and yes, we have an eBook as well!)  

And - for all of those who battle with this - trust me, I understand - but, my prayer is you will not give up, you will not lose hope—and you will believe with me that—for your life, yes, YOUR LIFE, The Best Is Yet To Come!