Mental Health

Do You Want To Get Through Your Battle With Anxiety?

Mar 11, 2019

If so - this book will help—period! 

For far too long I did my best to try and “get out” of my battle with anxiety!  

I prayed, had people pray over me, read large portions of Scripture, took medication and met with a few therapists.  

I had this idea that one day, POOF, the feelings of anxiety would just magically disappear and I would be all better.  

However, after years of thinking like this (and constantly feeling discouraged because nothing seemed to be working) I finally realized my approach was wrong…

…I was trying to “get out” when my focused should have been on “getting through!”  

The issues that cause anxiety in our lives are usually not one time occurrences but rather a series of events that build upon one another over weeks, months and years.  

And, in our technologically driven culture - we are so used to having WHAT we want - WHEN we want it…

…however, it doesn’t work that way with anxiety and depression.  

Because it took weeks, months and years for these issues to add weight to our lives - it may take the same amount of time for the weight to be lifted.  

I don’t know you, or your situation; however, I know victory over anxiety and depression begins in the mind - where we focus our thoughts…

…and this book was written so people can have a place to focus their thoughts in the right direction.  
“Overcoming Anxiety”
was not written to be a cure - but rather to be a first step someone can take on their journey towards healing and victory.  

If this is you - if you are tired of being weighed down and stressed out - then go here and order your copy and let’s get the journey started.  

If I can make progress in this arena of life - then you can too!!!  

PS -  I do believe in miracles, and I believe that people CAN be miraculously healed - but, the reason they are called “miracles” is because, well, its not the norm!”  So, for those who are praying for deliverance - I don’t want to discourage you from praying - but - often times God works WITH us as we pray/  

Praying for deliverance from anxiety but not being willing to take steps towards healing would be equal to praying for God to let us lose weight, but not going to the gym or adjusting what we eat and drink.  

And - just another observation - I believe Jesus leading someone through their anxiety issues over time and bringing them to a place of deliverance is just as much a miracle as Him delivering someone out of anxiety!

Yes pray, yes have people pray with and for you - but participate in those prayers by taking the right next steps.