Oct 12, 2008  |  Random

Eight Worse Movies Of All Time

I asked a question on Twitter, “What is the worse movie of all time” & had several responses.  I won’t list them all—but there were at least eight that received a couple of votes…so here goes…

#8 - From Justin to Kelly (didn’t see it!)

#7 - Vanilla Sky (didn’t see it!)
#6 - Leonard Part Six (have no flippin idea what this was about!)

#5 - Little Man Tate (once again, no idea!)

#4 - Leatherheads (did anyone actually think it was going to be good?)

#3 - Howard the Duck (brought back memories…I did actually see this one!)

#2 - Waterworld (I suffered through this one!!!)

#1 - Open Water

There you go from my tweets…many of these tied so I took the liberty to rank them accordingly!

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