Jul 13, 2006

Do Volunteers Matter?

To everyone who volunteers at NewSpring…YOU ROCK!!!   God is using YOU to reach people…and lives ARE being changed because of the time and effort you put in each and every weekend.

From time to time a pastor will come into town and then write about his experience on his blog.  Tony was at our church this past Sunday—and here is what he had to say!

Bottom line here—EVERYTHING matters!  To our greeters—YOU MATTER!  To our ushers—YOU MATTER!  To our Levite team—YOU MATTER!  To our children’s volunteers—YOU MATTER!  To every volunteer in ANY area of our church—YOU MATTER!

I am sure there might be days that you are tempted to think, “Does it really matter whether I show up today or not?”  The answer is an astounding YES!  Everything you do matters…and it IS making a difference—both NOW an for eternity.

It is an honor and privilege to serve with you guys.  And hey Tony—let me know the next time you are coming into town!

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