Chicago—Part One

Oct 24, 2006

Well…they lost my luggage…

NO…I am NOT kidding!  We got off the plane and walked for at least three and a half miles to the place where you get the luggage…and everyone got theirs except for me.

I just stood there and kept saying out loud, “This is not happening to me!”

It was!

I went and found someone who worked for the airline and asked them about my luggage.  She said it was in the airport somewhere and that they would be glad to deliver it to me.  I told her that I would wait.

And…I waited!!!  Until finally she left and went and found it herself.  WOW…at least my luggage didn’t wind up in Cananda like last time.

The trip to the rental car place was fun.  There was a business man on the shuttle that was complaining to his partners that no one was going to show for the meeting he scheduled.  I spoke up and told him that I would be more than happy to attend.  He was not amused…but I thought it was funny.

Oh yeah—it’s flippin’ cold up here!
And…Jason Moorhead, on the way to our hotel, managed to run through a toll booth.  Oh well—guess a ticket is in the mail…the only problem is that the rental car is in my name!!!

Tonight we had supper at the Macaroni Grill…good stuff.  Then I spoke with ‘Cretia and now it is time for bed.  The entire crew is meeting at 6am in the lobby to go to the gym…well…the entire crew except for Jason Moorhead and Allen Cothran!!!

Updates on the conference coming soon.