Jul 26, 2007  |  Random

Be Sure You Get That Scripture Right!!!

Here are a few true instances of people who used the wrong Scripture references…and it turned out BAD for them…

#1 - I had a female friend several years ago who always signed her letter with Proverbs 17:17. (Isn’t that sweet?) She wrote a guy friend of hers (who had a crush on her) a letter and accidentally signed it Proverbs 7:17—he could not speak for days!

#2 - A pastor was going to read II Corinthians 5:1 out loud at a graveside of a funeral…BUT instead he opened his Bible and read I Corinthians 5:1 out loud…he quickly recovered and immediately said, “But I don’t believe it!!!”

#3 - I was speaking to a youth group one time and was going to do the entire talk on I Timothy 4:12…I told them that they needed to really take this verse to heart—memorize it—put it where they can see it every single day. BUT…instead of the previous verse I mentioned I accidentally told them to turn to I Timothy 2:12 and never caught my mistake—and I could not figure out why the ladies looked at me like they wanted to kill me the entire time!!!

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