Nov 5, 2007  |  Random

Monday AFTERNOON Reflections

I didn’t blog last night…I tried to but my mind was going CRAZY with ideas.  Here’s a few thoughts on this BEAUTIFUL Monday afternoon in SC…(is it REALLY November?)

  • I’ve spent the last three days in Ft. Lauderdale, FL visiting a couple of other churches, it was GREAT except for the fact that it was the longest time I have spent away from Charisse since she has been born—THAT was HARD!!!
  • The weather in Florida was awesome.  I woke up Sunday and checked out the temperature here—31 degrees, then I checked out the temperature there—70 degrees, poor me!  :-)
  • I was able to meet up with Troy Gramling at Flamingo Road Church and was blown away at what God is doing down there.  You can feel the excitement from the moment you pull onto the campus…and Troy did an excellent job at communicating God’s Word…his message rocked my world.
  • After the service Troy was generous to give Jason Wilson and I some time & so we went to a Cuban restaurant.  I’ve never had Cuban food—BUT—now I have & it was awesome.
  • Troy ordered me two things…the first being a “Malta” which is a Cuban Cola.  I’ve never tasted pee—but this has to be close—literally the worse thing I’ve ever put in my mouth.  As soon as I took a drink he informed me that he didn’t like it!!!
  • BUT…he redeemed himself by getting me to have Cuban coffee—AMAZING!
  • On Sunday Jason and I got to hang out with David Hughs at Church by the Glades...once again I could feel the buzz when I pulled onto the campus, and the people were over the top friendly.
  • David is an excellent communicator and is in a vision series right now entitled, “No Perfect People Allowed.”  (We might use that in the future!)  He did an excellent job of explaining to his church why they communicate God’s Word the way they do.
  • After his SIX services (two on Saturday and four on Sunday) he and several of his staff took over Carrabbas and Jason and I joined them to just talk about church for several hours.  I am not sure how much coffee I consumed…but it was a TON!
  • After leaving there Wilson and I hung out at my brothers house where my sister in law cooked one of the most amazing meals I’ve ever had.
  • Oh yeah…almost forgot—on Saturday we found a Sports Bar with the Clemson game on…and we watched it.  (I had ice water on the rocks!)  When we sat down Clemson was trailing 7-3, but by the time our food made it to us we were up BIG TIME.
  • And then South Carolina lost—THAT’S a great football weekend!  :-)

That’s it for now—got to go to the house and see the two most amazing women on the planet!

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