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Jul 13, 2017  |  Personal

A Letter To My Online Community About Fake Accounts

Over the past several days I’ve received numerous questions in regards to whether or not I have started new social media accounts. 

(The most common – AND disturbing – one is apparently someone has begun to send messages over Facebook saying I am doing an Israel trip and asking for money.  If you have received a message like this on Facebook or any other form of social media—it’s not me…it’s a scam!  I am currently working on an Israel trip; however, it has not been scheduled, price has not been determined and any messages you have received asking for money have not been sent from me.) 

  • I have ONE Twitter account - @perrynoble
  • I have ONE Facebook account – www.facebook.com/nobleperry
  • I have ONE Instagram account - @perrynoble
  • I have ONE Snapchat account – perrynoble

All other accounts on any of these platforms are fake accounts. 

Thanks to everyone who reached out to me and let me know – I apologize on behalf of those who have no life for their attempts to impersonate me.  

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