A Letter From Pastor Gary To Our NewSpring Family

Oct 22, 2012

Howdy NewSpring Church, last week I shared on this site about us rallying around Pastor Gary Snowzell (who spoke here last month) and his wife Heather as one of their sons Jordan had to have major surgery.  (Here is the link if you missed it.)

Well, Pastor Gary has written our church a note letting us know how things are going and asking us to pray for some things specifically and I wanted to share it with you…

Dear Newspring family,

We have been overwhelmed by your love, prayer & support throughout this week. Never in our lives have we witnessed the supernatural power of prayer surrounding every moment. While going through every parents nightmare we have known a touch of heaven as we have experienced God’s Church at work.

On Tuesday Jordan’s birthday the surgeons battled for 10 hrs to remove the dermoid at the front of Jordan’s brain through the nasal cavity, the surgeons said this was more complex than expected as this was the first of its kind in the UK but gave us positive reports.

Jordan is now in recovery which they anticipate to be up to 6wks and here are some prayer points we would so appreciate you to join us in.

1) Jordan is awaiting a scan to ensure all of the dermoid has been removed, pray for this to be clear without complication.

2) The main concern now is that the brain doesn’t leak so they have packed the nose to allow healing, they plan to remove this Monday, please pray for stability, healing & success.

3) Jordan can’t smell or taste & has difficulty eating & speaking all of which he enjoys, please pray for healing & that all his senses will be restored.

4) Please pray for Jordan’s short term memory loss to recover along with chemical imbalances in his brain to be restored.

THANK YOU NEWSPRING for standing with us!

Lots of love,
Gary & Heather Snowzell