A Few Random Thoughts…

Jun 17, 2008

Here goes…

  • Our first coaching network will begin in August.  (All the details are in this post...I won’t go into them here.)  BUT…I will say that the deadline to submit an application is June 30th.
  • If you would like an application—please email
  • I was able to spend about four hours today with Marty Martin (awesome name) who is the pastor of Northstar Church in Panama City Beach, FL.  He’s an incredible leader and I learned a ton from just hanging out with him.
  • One of the things that we discussed is that pastors who seems to fail morally in ministry never seem to have any personal boundaries.  Guys…seriously…set ridiculously high standards!!!
  • Tonight we took Charisse to Krispy Kreme…they had the “Hot/Now” sign on…BUT…when we got in there they said the hot/now doughnuts would not be ready for another 12 minutes.  I had “not nice” thoughts!  Just being honest!
  • It did cause me to think, “At NewSpring we say that we are going to give our best every single Sunday—we’ve always got to deliver on that because there are a lot more than doughnuts on the line!”
  • I had a gift card from The Buckle (my FAVORITE store) left over from Christmas…and so I bought three pretty awesome T-shirts tonight.  ‘Cretia and Charisse both approved.
  • I am REALLY looking forward to this Sunday at NewSpring.  Springers—you are going to hear one of THE BEST MESSAGES ever given on church unity…seriously…SERIOUSLY!
  • Mark Batterson hit the ball out of the park with this post on blogging tips!

That’s it for now…