20 Random Questions With Pastor P - Part One

May 20, 2009

I often get asked random questions when out and about…so I thought I would attempt to answer several of them today and tomorrow…

#1 -  What is your favorite restaurant?

Local = Sullivans (their Sunday brunch is AMAZING!)
Out of Town = Fogo de Chao (Ruth’s Chris is a close second!)

#2 – What is your favorite movie?

Tough one…tie between the Star Wars trilogy and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

#3 – Paper or plastic?

Definitely plastic…it’s all about trying to make as few trips as possible…and I love to see how many bags I can carry in at one time.  Paper just doesn’t give you that option!

#4 – Biggest Pet Peeve

WOW…I have several – people who leave their blinker on, people who drive slow in front of me, “Christian” bumper stickers and people who try to convince me that I would love their cat!!!

#5 – Who Was The First Person You Ever Saw Live In Concert?

Conway Twitty (back off!!!)

#6 – What is your dream car?

A Cadillac Escalade!

#7 – Who are your favorite music artist?

Lee McDerment and Roseangela Merrit.

#8 – How often to do you preach in other churches on Sundays?

Not very often at all…in nearly ten years of being at NewSpring Church I’ve only spoken at another church on a Sunday other than this one four times.

#9 – Who is the one Christian leader you have not met yet that you would most like to meet?

T. D. Jakes

#10 – What is your favorite Bible verse?

Currently…Ephesians 3:20