5 Lessons I Learned Leading Through COVID

Oct 3, 2022



Episode Description

1) Uncertainty Is The Reason We Need Leadership

When COVID hit – Leaders across the board had no idea what to do, from leading a country through a pandemic to leading a ministry and church through one. However, as a leader, in times of uncertainty, is when people need clarity.
We will never have “all the information” to make a decision, but we are still called to make the best decision for the people we are leading with the information we do have. Somebody has to jump and go first, if everyone else is stalling in indecision or fear.

2) You Cannot Please Everyone

We tend to believe what we pay attention to the most. Not everyone is going to be happy with your decision. In fact, it’s rare for everyone to agree with your decision, big or small. Regardless, you must stay focused on your mission.

3) Make A Decision

Indecision is a decision to neglect your gift to lead!

One of the most challenging things about being a leader is making the decision. Every decision comes with weight, that the leader is going to carry and is responsible for – whether it’s a good outcome or a less than ideal one.
The unwillingness to make a hard decision is what holds most churches back. Every church is two to three decisions away from doubling in size.

In a time of uncertainty, for the sake of your staff and others you lead, make a decision, explain the why and follow through on it. This gives everyone an expectation, whether they agree with the decision or not.

4 ) Listen To The People Closest To You

Talk to the people who your decision will impact the most. For example, I talked to two groups of people, our staff and then our key volunteers, and 90% were fully on board with starting back. The most pushback we received were from people online who don’t even live in South Carolina nor attend our church. A discussion will get you farther with those you lead than a declaration.
Feedback is necessary - but not all feedback is valuable. We sometimes fall in the rap of thinking that the loud people are the majority, but they aren’t.

5) Don't Fight To Get Things Back To "Normal"

Our first Sunday re-opening from COVID shutdown, but it took quite a while for it to build back up. Pre-COVID we were averaging 1,000 people a Sunday, re-opening Sunday we were around half that. I had to learn that those two are no longer comparable. We do live in a new world post-pandemic. Instead of focusing on our attendance being only half of what it

was, I shifted my perspective to being thankful. Thankful we had anyone show up at all during this season, as one of the first churches to open back up our area.

Instead of wishing had more - be thankful for who is there and do your best to take care of them.

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