That Sunday We Had Record Attendance - But Had NO IDEA It Was Going To Happen.

Nov 14, 2022



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That Sunday We Had Record Attendance - But Had NO IDEA It Was Going to Happen.

Strategy is important when it comes to church attendance. Strategic giveaways work well for church attendance. Also consider trying to "win" on "off" Sundays. Typical "off" Sundays include Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Last year, 2021, our strategy to “win” on the Sunday after Thanksgiving was to giveaway a Second Chance Church hoodie. They were comfortable, simple, and easy advertising/marketing. We promoted it two weeks in advance, and experienced record-breaking attendance (more than our Christmas services!)


1) KEEP IT POSITIVE – We kept focused on the win = the record attendance, not the fact that we ran out of hoodies because we had broken attendance.
The crowd will follow the tone the leadership sets in the moment.

2) FIGURE IT OUT - Lean into the "people on the ground" to come up with a plan, that were going to have to do the work. Our plan (developed in less than 15 minutes) was that we took down contact information and sizes, ordered the hoodies needed, contacted them once the hoodies were available, held them for locals for a month to be picked up on a Sunday before or after a service, or if they lived further than 20-25 miles away, we mailed them the hoodie.

3) FOLLOW THROUGH – The weeks following “Hoodie Sunday” we worked just as hard. Insuring we delivered on what we promised. Contacting people, packaging, mailing, prepping for Sunday pick-ups to those close-by.

BONUS TIP: When you have an event like this ALWAYS tell people why they should come back the next week (example: the start of our Christmas series.)

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