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Why I Am Not Going To NYC To Meet Trump

May 24, 2016

Over the past week or so I've graciously received two gracious invitations to attend a meeting of 500 evangelical leaders with Donald Trump in New York.  

I love NYC!!  Great city!  Great food!  Love Broadway shows!!  

So, am I going?  The short answer is no!  

Now for the longer, more complicated answer.

I made it clear when the SC primary was going on that I was not voting for Trump.  Honestly, I thought he was a political fad that would pass in the wind...

Boy was I wrong.  

Not only has Trump weathered attacks from the right and the left, but he is still standing (quite taller than many of his detractors I might add.) 

Now evangelical leaders say they want to meet with him - almost as if he has to prove himself to us.  

However, I would bet if you took a survey of many of these same evangelical leaders that are going to the "Trump Inquisition" next month...concerned about his lack of morality and stance on certain issues...that you would find many of those same leaders did not have to have such a meeting with Mitt Romney.  

Mitt Romney - a Mormon!  

(Stop it with the hate speech - I do NOT hate Mormons. It's just that the differences between evangelical Christianity and the Mormon religion are vast!  And...just so everyone is clear, I voted for Mitt, so there's that. I hope that calms SOME people down!) 

What's the problem?  Honestly, I see it as a bit of hypocrisy for a group of people to ask Trump to "prove himself" when the same group were leading the Romney bandwagon!  

Trump has spent quite a few years "proving himself" through his deeds and actions - and the American people have spoken by voting for him to be the Republican nominee.

(Just a side note - one of the criticisms from the political right and the left about Trump and Bernie is, "they are not one of us," and yet they are, by far, the two most popular people in the race!  Maybe the Republicans and the Democrats both need to lean in and see that the American people have grown a little tired of normal politicians!)

I know some say Christians should not have political opinions - however, that seems to be most often said by people who have an anti-Christian worldview!  (Little bit of a double standard there!) 

This July 17 I am going to be doing an entire message devoted to how the Gospel should impact our worldview...and how that translates into what a follower of Jesus should consider when choosing someone to vote for.  Can't wait - it's gonna be fun!  

In the meantime I hope the meeting where Trump has to "prove himself" goes well for him...because if he isn't able to then evangelical leaders are gonna have to decide if they are feelin' the Burn...or if the Clintons get the keys to the White House again.