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Four Reasons Why I Believe Donald Trump Will Win The Republican Nomination

Apr 26, 2016

(Disclaimer:  this is not an endorsement but rather a leadership lesson I am observing.)  

Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination for President.  

Some love him, others not so much – and some would want to disagree.  I admit there is a slight possibility I am wrong, but – let me share with you four reasons why I think he has the nomination in the bag.  

#1 – His message is clear

What does Donald want to do?  “Make America Great Again!”  He says this over and over, and people know what he is running on.  

Question:  What is Cruz’s message?  (Sound of crickets)  

What about Kasich?  (Anyone…anyone…Bueller…)  

This is a lesson that goes all the way back to the Clinton campaign in 1992 when James Carville told Clinton, “it’s the economy stupid” – and their laser focus on the economy helped them to win.  

President Obama did in in 2007 with “hope & change” (here we are eight years later and I still don’t know what McCain’s platform was!)  

If we want to become great leaders then there must be time invested in making our message clear, concise and consistent.  

#2 – Cruz & Kasich lack vision and purpose.  

If you back Cruz or Kasich, please understand I am not tearing these men down.  But this weekend when they announced that their plan was to team up to beat Trump—I knew it was over.  


Simple – when the stated goal is “beat Trump” but there is, once again, no purpose or vision tied into what they want to do – then – all we know is what they are against, not what they are for.  And, honestly, I believe we are seeing their campaigns unravel right in front of our eyes because they have become obsessed with beating a person rather than declaring their vision with such conviction that people feel compelled to vote for them.  

As church & business leaders I feel that we will experience greater success if we will spend time trying to clearly articulate our convictions. We'll get much further if we share what we are actually FOR and what we want to accomplish rather than just focusing on tearing into the competition.  

#3 – They are playing Donald’s game.  

I’ve had a Twitter war or two in my life.  

However, the one guy I would not want to fight with online is The Donald.  He’s quick witted – and yet Cruz and Kasich keep trying to dive into Donald’s strength—and while they think they are doing well all they are really doing is allowing their followers access to his platform.  

I think if they would have spent more time focusing on their strengths rather than fighting on twitter, the conversation could have been much different.  

A leader should know their strengths – and social media is not Ted or John’s.  

#4 – Donald is not obsessed with his reputation.  

Donald’s give a darn is busted – he’s real and, even if you don’t like what you see—there seems to be very little to hide.  

Cruz & Kasich seem to be in reputation defense mode a lot. They say they don’t want to play the role of the “average politician,” but when you close your eyes and listen, they really do sound like the same ole’ stuff we’ve been hearing from Washington for decades.  

As leaders we need to be way more obsessed with who we are becoming rather than who people perceive us to be.  Perception is important…but when people focus on building their reputation or how people perceive them rather than their character it’s nothing more than a house of cards that will one day fall with a great crash.  

As I said at the beginning, this is not an endorsement for The Donald – just a few things I saw that may help with our leadership.

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