What I Want To See Happen In College Football

Oct 10, 2010

So…just for fun…here is what I would LOVE to see happen in the next several weeks in college football.

I would love to see Ohio State lose…to someone (don’t hate on me Buckeye fans…just wait!)

I would love to see Oregon lose to someone.  (The Ducks…seriously?)

I would also love to see Oklahoma and Nebraska lose at least once…

AND…I would love to see both TCU and Boise State run the table and go undefeated…

WHICH would mean that the BCS national championship game would most likely be TCU versus Boise State!  (Uh…anyone going to watch that one?)

WHICH would also mean that Alabama or South Carolina (they will meet in the SEC championship) would most likely have one loss (unless Clemson upsets South Carolina!)  :-)  As well as the other teams I mentioned.

MAYBE then college football would WAKE THE HECK UP and realize that a playoff system would be AMAZING and is exactly what we need!

GOOD GOSH…every other major college sport has it!  Can you imagine “final four Saturday” in college football?

Just dreamin’  :-)