What Are You Waiting For?

Oct 25, 2012

Why in the world would you EVER put off until “later” what you know you are supposed to do right now?

And STOP with the excuses!!!  No one has ever done anything significant because they sat around and made excuses.

The person who makes excuses never makes a difference.

And, there is always an excuse, I’ve spoken with so many people who know what they are supposed to be doing…but they are waiting until they graduate, get married, get a job, get another job, have kids, get the kids into school, get the kids to college…you get the picture.

The enemy will always make sure the word “tomorrow” is in our vocabulary…that way we don’t have to embrace today!   

People who procrastinate do so because they are either consumed with fear or obsessed with comfort, neither of which are supposed to control us if we are followers of Jesus.

So, what is it that you know you are supposed to do?  (Forgive someone, start a new career, change your major, begin to trust God with your money, invite someone to church, confess a particular sin & ask for help to overcome it, stop diving into destructive habits…)

Because, reality is that the Lord will NEVER trust us with what us NEXT if we are not being obedient with what He is revealing NOW!

Is it scary?  Of course…which is why it requires faith (where we trust in God way more than we trust in ourselves!)  And…Scripture is clear in Hebrews 11:6 that without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God!

So, what is it that your supposed to do…and what are you waiting for?